CO2 Refills

CO2 Filling

Looking for a CO2 refill? Get ready for the paintball field with a full tank from AllAir.

The PROS can help you prep for competition with a CO2 tank refill of up to 24 ounces. Our experts are trained to safely fill your CO2 tank, so you’re ready for battle at a moment’s notice.

Filling services include tank inspections, O-ring inspection/replacement and more.


Know the basics and keep your tank ready.

Carbon dioxide is the most common pressurized system used for paintball propulsion. CO2 can be liquid, gas or both, depending on temperature.

Temperature fluctuations and low CO2 levels can cause inconsistencies in shooting, velocity and accuracy. Also, the size of your CO2 tank determines how many rounds you can shoot.


How long does a CO2 tank last?

There is an expiration date stamped on CO2 tanks, but the duration can depend on a number of factors, including tank temperature, outside temperature, shooting speed and type of gun.

Speak with one of our Paintball PROS to learn more about tank lifespan, CO2 tank storage and more.